Crawl space control

A Healthy Crawl Space Is a Healthy Home


The EPA has stated that a typical home in the US has 0.5 to 1.5 Air Changes per Hour (ACH).  The ACH is the rate in which outside air replaces indoor air by means of natural or mechanical ventilation.     Where does the replacement air come from?   Your crawl space.   If your crawlspace air and environment is musty and damp,  that's what's being circulated back into the living space of your home  due to the “Stack Effect”, which is how a chimney works.  

In addition to air quality there is potential for structural damage. If left unchecked, crawl space moisture can create a “Ripple Effect” systematically damaging your home due to wood rot and decay.

Next Step Environmental Services can assess the situation and provide proper treatment to your crawl space and moisture related issues with our crawlspace sealing services which include moisture barriers, sub membrane depressurization and crawl space encapsulation. When combined with radon mitigation,  crawl space encapsulation can be an effective radon prevention method.

Addressing a crawl space problem can make your home more energy efficient, improve indoor air quality and prevent structural damage to your home so call us today to learn more.

What Make An Unhealthy Crawl Space?

 Contributing Factors to Poor Crawlspace Health:

  • Poor Gutter Systems
  • Exposed Soil/Earth
  • Improper Grading (exterior of home)
  • High Water Table